Linda’s husband, Dan, now running the Sommerhauser's affiliated business, Autobody Equipment Solutions, got his start distributing paint from a truck. It was while covering for Dan and making his deliveries during an illness that she got the itch to be part of the refinish industry herself. Thirty-plus years, a business degree, two daughters, four stores, and thousands of truckloads of paint later, Linda is at the top of her game in the industry, admired across the U.S. for her dedication to advancing and sharing her professional knowledge of auto refinishing.

Working alongside AkzoNobel educational staff and ABC’s in-house trainers, Linda is a regular visitor to her customers’ bodyshops and Kansas City area vocational training schools. ABC’s “Lunch & Learn” seminars provide a continuous exchange of ideas and expertise with bodyshop clients.

For Linda, it’s been particularly satisfying to have become a true-life example for women to succeed in the industry. As an active member of WIN, the Womens Industry Network, Linda has been an advocate for recruiting and training more women for all facets of the collision repair business. In 2010 she was one of six women in the U.S. to receive AkzoNobel U.S.'s award as one of the Most Influential Women in the Collision Repair Industry. And as a member of the AkzoNobel Board of Wholesalers, she’s the kind of sounding-board who is a valuable asset to all of us at Sikkens as we work for continuous improvements in Sikkens products and in the way we Create Together with valued partners like Linda Sommerhauser.

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