It would be something of an understatement to describe Autobody Color Company in Kansas City, Missouri as a family business. Linda Sommerhauser and her husband Dan built their thriving paint distributorship with the help of her sister, who's worked with them for 32 years, her brother-in-law, 20 years, her oldest daughter, over 25 years and her grandson, 10 years.

So it is understandable that Linda describes her business practices as "old school." And that ABC's loyal customers have come to feel like part of the family as well.

Old school personal service is only part of the story on this independent distributor who is selling an average of fifteen hundred gallons of Sikkens paint every month.

ABC also serves up a wide menu of educational and training to their bodyshop customers, keeping them completely up-to-date with the most advanced paint and refinishing technologies. 


But ask Linda what keeps her customers loyal to the Sikkens brand and she is quick to answer: "Sikkens paint has the best color match of any our sprayers have ever used. That, and the ease with which the product works, creates the loyalty."

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