About Luciana

Luciana, who earned a law degree with specializations in Finance, Accounting and Strategic Marketing, is a high profile figure in Brazil’s automotive industry. The mother of four children, ages 15, 10, and 24-month old twins, she has maintained a competitive edge with the kind of thinking that perhaps only an extremely busy mother of four would apply to the refinish business.

“When clients get here to have their car repaired, they are upset and we need to make sure they can trust our work. That is why I teach all my employees: First you repair the client's spirit, then the car, says Luciana.”

Sergio Munhoz, AkzoNobel’s Sales Director in Brazil, who has worked most closely with Daitan in winning and developing the partnership says: 

“It was just a natural fit. Luciana is a visionary business woman who understands that as technology keeps running ahead all of us need to keep challenging ourselves to find new ways to serve our customers, while becoming more productive and maintaining profitability. This is the ‘fuel’ of working in the VR business, this striving to keep improving ourselves. And Luciana completely get’s it.”

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