When the largest Honda dealership in Brazil switches to Sikkens, it says a lot about AkzoNobel’s commitment to service, training, and helping customers find better ways to work. Work that clients can trust is one of cornerstones of the Sikkens Creating Together partnership, and certainly one which Luciana Zaninotto, Car Dealer Owner, Daitan Honda, treasures.

With encouragement from our AkzoNobel’s Sales Director in Brazil, Sergio Munhoz, Luciana became convinced that Sikkens’ corporate values of quality and service better matched the values of trust and customer care she has instilled in her own company.

Luciana lost no time in getting her paint technicians into training courses at AkzoNobel’s Automotive Training Center in São Bernardo do Campo. She saw the results very quickly with reductions in materials and energy consumption and a more rationalized process on the paint shop floor which helped get 350 cars a month back to their owners in as little time as possible.

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