"Our innovative capabilities are well suited to McLaren’s high performance requirements. The shared knowledge we have gained from the partnership has already enabled us to translate tailormade solutions supplied to McLaren Racing into a commercial value proposition for AkzoNobel customers"

Ton Büchner
CEO of AkzoNobel

"As a group, we always strive to create productive, synergistic relationships with our partners – and our partnership with AkzoNobel is no exception. We share a passion for technical performance developed on the very cutting-edge - and this partnership will, I’m sure, prove hugely beneficial to both parties."

Ron Dennis
Chairman of the McLaren Group

"We are delighted to continue our tremendously successful partnership with McLaren. A partnership that has been demanding, requiring us to create better, faster, more aerodynamic paints to compete alongside the most innovative team in Formula 1."

Jim Rees
Managing Director, AkzoNobel Automotive & Aerospace coatings

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