Developing aerodynamically advanced coatings that reduce wind drag and are also very light is an important part of AkzoNobel’s commitment to creating sustainable products. So, supporting technical students at Delft University is a no-brainer for AkzoNobelSikkens technical support staff who for the fourth year is working alongside the Nuon Solar Team.

Winning the 2013 World Solar Challenge was great. TU Delft students and their AkzoNobel technology advisors shared the triumph of setting a new record. But in the much longer, worldwide race for sustainability, this Creating Together partnership strives to develop lighter and faster coatings which will eventually find application in the worldwide consumer fleet.

Marlies Hak, the Nuna team's first female team leader believes AkzoNobel's contributions to meeting weight and aerodynamic challenges are increasingly importantas Solar Challenge competitors become more technically sophisticated. “The coatings Sikkens creates help ensure the Nuna’s finish is leading-edge technology. It’s a project that seems to perfectly fit the Creating Together philosophy, and that’s exactly what we’re doing, working alongside technicians from AkzoNobel to create the fastest solar powered car on earth, says Marlies.”

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