New, breakthrough filler makes its debut on the solar car

Thrilled with the outcome of the race, Leslie Nooteboom, PR Manager and driver says, “This year we clearly had the better technology. This is the 4th year that Sikkens has been working with us and each year we’ve made improvements in weight reduction and the aerodynamics. This year’s new pinhole filler gave us a smoother and lighter finish and a winning competitive edge.”

This year, according to John Grevers, AkzoNobel’s Technical Coordinator for Benelux, the team tackled a coatings issue that plagued them for years: Filling the pinholes on the carbon fibre shell created in the manufacturing process. The solution was to use a new, super-light water-based pinhole filler developed by AkzoNobel which replaced much of the putty on the Nuna and doesn’t require sanding, as it can easily be wiped away. The new Composite Pinhole Filler Aerowave 2501 was developed by AkzoNobel’s Aerospace Coatings division and has already been used on commercial aircraft.

Composite Pinhole Filler Aerowave 2501
New on the Nuna Solar Car, this filler was developed by AkzoNobel for airliners. Extremely light-weight and requires no sanding; it just wipes off.

Sikkens Colorbuild Plus
The multifunctional VOC compliant priming system for sanding/non-sanding can be applied directly to metal, plastics and OEM e-coated panels.

Sikkens Autocryl Plus LV MM
The dazzling white on the Nuna7 is a high-performance, high-solid acrylic topcoat offering state-of-the-art single stage technology.

Sikkens Autoclear LV Superior
Once the stickers and foils have been affixed, the finish is sealed with this versatile VOC compliant clearcoat, quick to dry in wide range of temperatures.

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