Paint system

For the Sikkens team that regularly works alongside Restu Ibu’s bus painters, it also feels like a partnership. According to our AkzoNobel Commercial Vehicle Sales Manager Muhammad Farid,

“We have a great relationship with this company and the people on the paint shop floor. We’re always trying to help them find new efficiencies in the way they do their jobs. For example, we worked with them on a changeover from conventional sprayguns to the faster and easier electrostatic and air assist models, which has saved them 20-25% in costs.”

And as for the paint on those famous Bluebird taxis in Jakarta, Sikkens first introduction to the Bluebird Group, the brand is still supported by a coatings system that includes high quality and highly durable products from Sikkens.

Sikkens Primer Surfacer EP

The chromate-free epoxy primer-surfacer that shows remarkable adhesion and corrosion resistance on all substrates.

Sikkens Autobase Plus

Excellent coverage, metallic control and sprayability in an advanced basecoat

Sikkens Autocryl Plus

The ideal acrylic topcoat for high productivity and quality. Easy application, offering superb gloss and color retention.

Sikkens Autoclear Plus HS

The 2-pack high-build clearcoat known for its scratch-resistance and durability.

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