Acoat selected

Optimize Yourself
Profit from superior efficiency

Make sustainable improvements that directly increase profits and satisfaction among customers and personnel. Acoat selected offers you vast expertise not only in technical matters, but also in areas like finance and administration, customer relations management, scheduling and facility planning.
In all areas affecting shop workflow, Acoat selected member businesses have access to a broad range of training courses and online tools, as well as support from top AkzoNobel experts.

Optimize Your Sales

Make your business the customer’s first choice
Do vehicle owners think of your shop first when they need repair services? Acoat selected helps you reach customers through effective use of print media, internet, merchandising and other channels.

We offer a vast range of marketing and sales training, tools and consulting. These include the creation of marketing plans, sales and service coaching, brochures and signage, location scans, demographic reports and many other kinds of tools and training.

Optimize Your Business

Track, compare and improve results

The Acoat selected network offers unparalleled opportunities to benchmark your performance against other businesses and to identify opportunities for improvement.
For more than three decades, we’ve been organizing member groups and creating specialized tools and systems for measurement of performance. Member businesses have access to comparisons based on group averages, graphic and numeric presentation of results, and AkzoNobel’s extensive and refined database of financial and other information.
Acoat selected benchmarking enables you to develop a proactive improvement strategy that gives real results.

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