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Curing with just 5 minutes of exposure to UV light, Sikkens Autosurfacer UV delivers an unmatched performance. By considerably reducing cycle times, consuming up to 50% less paint and saving on energy, it provides all the conditions to increase productivity.

  • Nuna

As part of The Painters, Tom Cross is one of the professionals on the McLaren paintshop floor who is responsible for repairing the cars after every race. As he works in the demanding world of F1, saving time is of the highest essence..

By significantly reducing cycle times, Autosurfacer UV not only helps Tom Cross to meet the demands of F1, it also helps bodyshops to improve their earnings while still achieving excellent results as Autosurfacer UV has first-class sanding properties and is not sensitive for contourmapping.

Onno van Dongen,
Sikkens Technisch Consultant

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