"With the new Autowave MM 2.0 what you see is what you get!"

Sikkens pulls ahead of the competition in a dramatic high performance upgrade to our Autowave VR system with Autowave MM 2.0. Major advances in binder and pigment technology set a new standard for waterborne basecoat performance. Autowave MM 2.0's fast process times and ease of use create the confidence to achieve top results. First time, every time.
Ian Bates
The Painters

  • Nuna
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With Autowave MM 2.0’s wide application window, controllable and reproducible results are assured. Blending is also simple and can be achieved without the need for special additives or a change in the spraying technique. The payoff for the greater confidence is clear: increased profitability and customer satisfaction. And that helps to stay on track.

New technologies in auto manufacturing as well as new and ever more elaborate color trends challenge the performance of painters and products in bodyshops around the world. At the same time, car owners, OEM’s insurers, fleets and work providers continue to demand the highest quality repairs and finishes. Autowave MM 2.0 is the high performance paint solution that meets the challenges of this exacting refinishing market.

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