Why am I here?

My name is Ian Bates, racing enthousiast and a painter for the McLaren F1 racing team.

I would like to introduce you to Autowave 2.0, the new metallic F1 race technology in a waterborne basecoat system: coming soon to your country.

Fast, easy to use and always top results. First time, every time.

What is this?

Sikkens pulls ahead of the competition in a dramatic high performance upgrade to our Autowave VR system with Autowave 2.0.

Major advances in binder and pigment technology set a new standard for waterborne basecoat performance.

Autowave 2.0's fast process times and ease of use create the confidence to achieve top results.

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Autowave 2.0 is not yet available in your country, but we can keep you up to date about it when it launches.

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