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Find out what the Painters have to say about the Sikkens vehicle refinishes system, as their experiences often contribute to new product advancements. One thing you'll notice is that it is all about continous improvement.

Or as George Langhorn likes to put it:
"If you want to stay in the lead, you've got to keep fine-tuning the technology"

Colorbuild Plus 250
• Can be intermixed to closely resemble the topcoat color, reduces top coat consumption
• uses 6 colored primers, to achieve color, saves money on toner costs

• Fast and accurate color match:
first time right
• Superb coverage
• Greater material savings
• Easy to use: short waiting times.

Autoclear Superior 250
• Excellent gloss
• Good film build and durability
• Two coat application
• User friendly application

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Pidä silmällä tuotejärjestelmän muita päivityksiä, kun jokainen The Painters -tiimin jäsen kertoo oivalluksiaan maalaamosta lyhytelokuvissa.

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